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Potential Issues With Over-The-Counter Aligners

Posted on 6/3/2024 by Raleigh Family Orthodontics
cartoon illustration of a tooth with a question about over the counter alignersWhen you have a misaligned bite, there are various treatment approaches to choose from. You may think that going to purchase the aligners from the store will help.

Purchasing teeth aligners from a store may seem like an affordable way to straighten teeth, however, the American Association of Orthodontists pinpoints potential issues you need to consider first. You may not get an in-person assessment before starting your treatment, which is concerning since not everyone is a candidate for aligners. Your teeth and gums may not be healthy enough to start orthodontic treatment.

You may also have orthodontic conditions suited more for conventional braces or require treatment before wearing braces.

A Lack of Supervision

Wearing over-the-counter aligners may not prevent you from getting hands-on supervision from a qualified dentist like an orthodontist. The dentist is able to monitor how the treatment is progressing and if there are any concerns that need to be addressed during the treatment. When an orthodontic treatment is not done correctly, complications can occur such as gum damage, bite changes, or tooth loss. It can be quite expensive to treat these problems and at times, the damage to the teeth can be irreversible.

Patients who need to correct teeth misalignment need to work closely with an orthodontist or dentist. Our team will first perform an exam to see that you are fit for the procedure. The orthodontist will design a suitable treatment plan that works for you based on your needs. Failure to seek the help of an orthodontist can place you at risk of having complications or letting unaddressed dental conditions continue taking their toll on your bite.

To get orthodontic treatment, visit our dental team. We understand that your oral health should not be compromised for less expensive orthodontic procedures. In the end, we can help you minimize treatment expenses that might come later on due to complications or unresolved dental issues. Contact us today for an evaluation.

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