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Does Teeth Straightening Change the Face?

Posted on 5/15/2024 by Raleigh Family Orthodontics
 patient with a great smile after orthodontic treatmentTeeth straightening options, including orthognathic surgery, braces, and aligners, can moderately change your face. However, veneers, dental bonding, and dental crowns do not.

What Teeth Straightening Options Alter Face Shape?

Orthognathic Surgery

If orthognathic surgery is used to straighten your face, the surgeon will cut and reposition sections of your jawbone. Then plates, screws, and wires will be used to hold your jaw in place until total healing. Gums and other soft tissue are also likely to be moved in the process, altering your jawline. Surgeries have the most significant impact on face shape.


Braces moderately alter face shape by applying pressure on teeth and jaws, which slowly changes face shape. The wires, screws, and bands that form your braces constantly exert light pressure on your teeth, and this eventually remodels your jawline.


Invalisign uses custom aligner trays to shift teeth to the desired position. These trays occupy the space between the teeth and lips, which can give your face a plumper look. However, the change is again negligible to moderate, depending on the shape and size of the aligners used.

What Teeth Straightening Options Do Not Change the Face?

Dental Bonding and Crowns

Dental bonding, or adhesive dentistry, entails applying adhesive resin to the teeth surfaces to hide imperfections. The resin layer applied is usually very thin and will not significantly change your face shape. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped caps used mainly to correct worn-out teeth. However, these caps are fixed on individual teeth and are not likely to have a considerable impact on facial appearance.


Veneers are cosmetic shells that fit over the front of teeth to cover for imperfections. These custom-made shells are thin and designed to fit the tooth shape and size. They are not likely to affect face shape and appearance.

Teeth straightening does not significantly affect the shape of your face, but when it does, the impact is usually positive. Consult with our dentist to determine the best options for your condition.
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