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Invisalign or braces

Posted on 4/10/2023 by Evan
Invisalign or bracesThere are various reasons that could make one fail to have a perfect smile. Misaligned and crooked teeth are the main reasons for preventing you from enjoying a beautiful smile. Patients who visit our clinics will be educated on what suitable methods will be used to straighten their teeth. This will be determined by visibility, diet hygiene, and comfort.


They are made of metal and are glued to each tooth and then attached together using a wire. The wire is held in place by rubber bands which makes it difficult to remove. Braces are very noticeable due to the metal and rubber bands. They cause discomfort by causing cuts along the insides of the mouth, and it may take you some time to adjust to them. Metal braces limit you from consuming hard and sticky foods which may stick in the brackets or even cause damage to the brackets or wires. Practicing good oral hygiene is highly encouraged to prevent tooth decay. You will need to visit our dentist frequently to tighten the wire of your braces and check how your tooth is progressing.


Invisalign is almost invisible since it is thin and clear. There is no limitation on what you eat as long as you do not eat with the trays inside your mouth. This is to prevent food particles from sticking inside the trays and causing tooth decay. Invisalign is more comfortable as it applies less pressure to the teeth and can be removed after several hours. A thorough brushing of your teeth is required to remove food particles on teeth surfaces.

In case you want your smile back, visit us and our dentists will be ready to assist. They will guide you accordingly on which type of treatment is suitable for you.

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