COVID-19 Info


Dear Raleigh Family Orthodontics Community,

We are writing to keep you informed and to reaffirm that the health of our community is our top priority. Thank you for the support you continue to demonstrate regarding our approach to the COVID-19 outbreak.  We have and will continue to evaluate the latest information, discuss current plans, and determine additional measures that Raleigh Family Orthodontics might take to mitigate the spread of the virus.

We continue to monitor the situation closely, to share concern for those who have been infected, and to design policies to support the community. Should we learn of a confirmed case at Raleigh Family Orthodontics Orthodontics (we have none now), we will follow the direction of health agencies and inform families immediately.

Raleigh Family Orthodontics will recommend that anyone who has traveled to an area with a CDC-defined risk level of 3 to “self-quarantine” and remain at home for a period of 14 days after returning from travel. In addition, RFO will follow any guidelines that may be issued by local, state, or federal government pertaining to individuals returning to our practice after travel.

As you know, the guidance that we are getting from public health authorities continues to focus on personal responsibility. We are all encouraged to stay at home if we have a cough, fever, or other flu-like symptoms − and to consult a healthcare professional for additional assessment as needed.  We are reminded to wash our hands thoroughly and frequently, to avoid hand-to-face contact, and to cough or sneeze into the crook of the arm, rather than into the air or onto surfaces.

At RFO, we continue to urge everyone to follow these practices. We are also looking at various office operations − from patients’ visits to office cleaning – to identify areas where we can do more to limit the potential spread of germs and illness.  In addition to immediate decisions and actions, we will be putting plans in place to ensure that your care at Raleigh Family Orthodontics will continue in the event that the office must be closed for any length of time.

Thanks you sincerely for your time, attention, and cooperation around this important matter.

Dr. Hunter Neill and Dr. Han Lee